Esther Fox

    I am the Head of the Accentuate programme, based at Screen South, a cultural development agency. Accentuate challenges perceptions of disability by providing opportunities for deaf and disabled people to lead and participate within the cultural sector. I am the Project Manager for the D4D project with main responsibility for events as well as brokering strategic opportunities for legacy across disabled led initiatives. I am also a Co Investigator, leading the Institutionalised, Homogenised, Vaporised workstream.

    I will be using my own arts practice to explore the ways deaf and disabled people have been medicalised in the past and how future advances in science, specifically in genetic screening, may impact on the disabled community, as well as wider society.

    I am working closely with Co Investigators; Diane Carr (University College London), Praminda Caleb-Solly (University of the West of England) and Susan Moffat (New Vic Theatre, Stoke). We will be collaborating with community partners, impairment related support groups and wider arts and theatre groups.