Sue Moffat (Community Co I)

    New Vic Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

    I am the founder Director of New Vic Borderlines at the New Vic Theatre in Staffordshire AND A Research Fellow at Keele University. New Vic Borderlines is the theatre?s award winning outreach department responding directly to the needs of the community locally and to the issues nationally and globally which have an impact on the lives of ordinary people. I focus on working with individuals, groups and communities who exist on ?the borders?, who are marginalised for various reasons, and as such have reduced prospects to impact on the conditions which effect them, pursue opportunities for positive change, and are deprived of the rights to celebrate as well as contribute to the wider community.

    I also work directly with statutory organisations including local and national government departments, and agencies as wells as NGOs who are charged with reducing isolation, disconnection and social exclusion and creating opportunities to bring disparate groups together in a meaningful and productive way. In my role the work I have developed has gained two National Global Ethics Awards, a British Crime Concern award for reducing offending behaviour, two Skills for Care awards for Inclusion and Innovation and a prestigious Clarion Award for Social Inclusion. My documentary drama ?All Our Daughters? about honour based violence and forced marriage was launched nationally from Westminster and described a saving lives by the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the UK.